Welcome To Paliyans' Swimming Pool

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka will ceremonially open the Swimming Pool & the Training Centre for Water Rescue &Survival techniques at Dharmapala vidyalaya, Pannipitiya which will be vested on the students on Monday the 28th of February 2011.


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Swimming Pool Project

This facility will be enjoyed not only by the students of Dharmapala Vidyalaya but of neighbouring schools as well, together with the General Public of this locality in addition to the Past Pupils, Parents and Well wishers at a nominal fee.

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Our Mission

Our Mission


It is not only a Swimming pool
that is built in a school,
It expects to deliver
good citizens by training
variety of systematic swimming technical and rescue life
due to as well as
it is the centre of promoting national and international level
swimming pool athletes.







Swimming,Water Rescue & Survival Techniques Training Centre

Dharmapala Vidyalaya – Pannipitiya


Proposed Annual Charges and Rates for Memberships


Membership Category                      Entrance Fee     Annual Membership fee                   Total


01. Life membership

Dharmapalian (PP/SDS/Staff)                  ----                         40,000/=                                  40,000/=

Other                                                                                           50,000/=                                  50,000/=

(Four family members including parents and two children less than 20 yrs. After 15 yrs only the main person can be continued)


02 Ordinary membership ( one person )

Dharmapalian                                                  1000/=             4000/=                                     5000/=

Other                                                                 1500/=             5000/=                                     6500/=


03 Family Membership ( Unit of 4)

Dharmapalian                                                  2000/=            8000/=                                   10,000/=

(Each additional person Rs.2000/=)

Other                                                               3000/=             12,000/=                                 15,000/=

(Each additional person Rs.3000/=)  

04. Student membership

Dharmapalian  Primary ( Grade 1 – 5 )           200/=                800/=                                    1000/=

Dharmapalian   ( Grade 6 – 13 )                      200/=              1000/=                                    1200/=

Other schools                                                     500/=              1500/=                                     2000/=


05. Corporate membership

 Up to 15 person                                             20,000/=          30,000/=                                  50,000/=

(Each additional 05 person Rs. 10,000/=)


06 Pool  Charges

Limited 30 people. Charges per hour

Govt. Schools                                     1000/=

International schools                           2000/=

Other Institutions/Organizations        3000/=

Using the  Pool for  Swimming Meets can be discussed.


07. Guest

Guest if accompanied by an adult member ,

Only per guest Rs. 100/= per hour.


Opening Hours:

                                    Monday – Friday         Dharmapala Students               6.00 a.m.  to    3.00 p.m

                                                                       Other Schools                           3.00 p.m   to    5.00 p.m                                                                                                                    Other Members                          5.00 p.m   to    8.00 p.m                                                     

                                    Saturdays/Sundays  &   Public Holidays                     

                                                                        All members                            7.00 a.m   to    8.30 p.m                                 

On Poya Days  the Pool is closed.